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"Since [Janelle] has owned her own practice, she understands the business back end and how it finically affects owners. She wants to see practices do well. She gets it."

"We book more services from consultants that have trained with there than not. We have made thousands more with her tips."  - Plastic Surgeon

"Never really leveraged our social media until now. Great tips on that and at no cost. Happy with our new tips and plan. Going to get our clients working for us!"

"...We were hardly making a profit on Botox and a lot of our patients were not returning. We weren't sure what was wrong. Janelle[Complements] turned that around for us.  We are much more aware of our [neurotoxin] margins and how to get patients to return. We realized just changing a few things, could save us $9K per year.  Patients are returning and they are happy. We have increased our sales by $7800 this month on injectables alone."

"I now have a beautiful website and social media and we have monthly emails that go out to our patients. They trained our staff how to do these things so we did not incur ongoing costs."

"This is a GREAT way to understand what the client wants, how you can help them, and how to make them happier! The way [Complements] transitions patients into more beautifying injectables is essential!"

"They took what we thought about consults and injecting and completely changed our minds. Their [injectable] techniques are for more medium to high-level providers. I appreciated the way that Janelle and Dr. Ashley interacted with the patients- great knowledge to have. Certainly will differentiate your injectable game in your market. Great at exciting and calming the patients who have never had injectables."

"Very creative at dermal fillers. Great ability to take the patient and help them see the bigger picture of themselves, which they really appreciate!"

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