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make your 
stand out

com ple ments verb /kämpləmənt/

add to (something) in a way that enhances or improves it; make perfect.

Our Signature System

We analyze your practice against our signature system. Then we catch you up to where you need to be.

increase patient satisfaction

enhance treatment bookings

increase online presence

increase revenues

increase exposure

increase number of patients

increase efficiencies 

increase in house marketing

increase the bottom line

decrease marketing costs

decrease client acquisition costs

decrease patient complaints

decrease need for external marketing

decrease inefficiencies

decrease employee turnover

decrease overall costs




  • General Operations of Med Spas

  • Cash Consults

  • Choosing Injectables to Offer for Your Practice

  • Patient Interactions + Management

  • Online Presence (+Instagram and Content Creation)

  • 5 DIY Marketing Tips You Can Do NOW

All attendees receive a Complements Workbook.

Come prepared with a form of note taking, and 5-10 questions you wish you could have answered.

"We were able to more than double the amount of services booked during consultations within the first month of business! Our revenue increased by thousands in the first month and continues to climb!"

"We have a beautiful online presence now- more reviews than ever, great instagram, and great website."

"Take their advice. They are pearls. We refined our processes and simplified and it has paid off! Janelle is my true partner. We're doing more services than ever!"

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Flat Fee. All the advice.

Game changing advice.

Janelle Ashley, Founder + Lead Consultant

"If everyone is using the same marketing techniques, how can anyone be different? You've got to hurry up the learning curve and start differentiating your practice. You can do a lot yourself with the right structure. Get savvy with us."

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